Japan is a truly unique and special travel destination. From the famously reliable national rail system and incredible bullet trains, to the healthy and relaxing natural hot springs, to meticulously prepared delicious cuisine, everything about Japan is a remarkable and delightful experience. First-time travelers will be pleasantly surprised by the efficiency, hospitality and sincerity of the Japanese spirit. When we design our tours, we ensure you will have the opportunity to experience all of these things personally and forge your own unforgettable memories in Japan.

Our Best Japan Tours

Japan Kanto- 6 Days

Rickshaw in Kamakura Japan Kanto Tour

 Land Only from US $999-$1,050

This tour is perfect for travelers with limited time and are looking to get the most enjoyment out of a brief travel experience. Included on our Japan Kanto tour are the best highlights of the Tokyo and Mt. Fuji Area.  We even include an evening at a Japanese-style hotel or ‘ryokan’ where you can enjoy a traditional Kaiseki banquet and relax in an oceanfront onsen


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  1. 2016

Japan Kansai- 7 Days

 Land Only from US $1,899- $1,999

Our Japan Kansai tour is the finest  way to see the historical center of Japan which includes Kyoto, Nara, and Osaka. Start from Tokyo and take the high speed Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to discover the best of Kyoto including Kiyomizu Temple, Arashiyama bamboo forest, and Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion.

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  1. 2016

Japan Classics- 10 Days

Japan Classics

 Land Only from US $2,799-$3,049

Combining our Japan Kanto and Japan Kansai tours, our Japan Classics tour is the most complete tour for first time travelers. This tour includes both the traditional areas and modern metropolis of Tokyo of the Kanto tour as well as the elegance of Kansai’s temples. In addition to seeing the sights of both tours, you can also taste the cuisine of both regions. Food is an immensely important part of our tours and on this tour you have the opportunity to try shabu shabu, sashimi, Omi beef, kamameshi and both Kanto and Kansai style Kaiseki banquet dinners. Staying at all the accommodations of both tours is also special. Two different ryokan hotels with onsen are included on this tour, as well as other 5 star hotels including the iconic Imperial Hotel in Tokyo and Kyoto Okura.

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  1. 2016

Island of Hokkaido

 Land Only from US $3,099

Japan is known for its distinct beauty of all four seasons, and traveling to the remote island of Hokkaido is one of the best ways to see this natural miracle. Our Hokkaido Island programs only operate once per season and each departure is tailored to highlight the best features of each season. From the amazing pink moss blossoms of spring, the beautiful summer lavender fields, to the lively fall foliage, each departure is a breathtaking once in a lifetime experience.

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  1. Spring 2016
  2. Summer 2016
  3. Fall 2016

Hokkaido & Tohoku- 10 Days

 Land Only from US $3399

Only for true Japan fanatics, our Hokkaido and Tohoku tour is a unique itinerary which gives you the opportunity to see Japan in-depth. We include several luxury hot spring experiences, considered some of the best in the country, and authentic culinary delights. Our northern Japan journey includes sights such as the “Million Dollar” view of Hakodate, the natural wonder of Jigokudani “Hell Valley,” a hike along the Oirase Keiryu waterfalls, and Matsushima Bay (one of Japan's top 3 views).

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  1. Hokkaido & Tohoku- 10 Days