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What’s the Best Way to Get Around Taiwan?

Friendly, warm, modern yet deep rooted in rich history, Taiwan welcomes travelers with open arms. But what’s the best way to travel around this country? We always love to include the best variety of transportation on all of our tours, so our guests can experience travel as locals would. Each […]

Japan’s Divine Houses

There are thousands of Buddhist Temples and Shinto Shrines to see on a Japan tour or Japanese vacation. Kyoto alone is home to over 2,000. Their unique architecture and calm atmosphere invite visitors from all over the world to partake in rituals and observe Japan’s deep rooted traditions.Here are a few […]

Discover the Sweet Side of Japan

Japanese desserts are a reflection of the culture. Like most Japanese crafts, great care goes into their creation. Try any Japanese dessert and you will discover that they are delicately prepared and completely delicious. The three examples below are sure to excite your sweet tooth.    1. Yatsuhashi: In Japan, […]