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Henri Mouhot’s “Discovery” of Angkor Wat 1

Henri Mouhot’s name is synonymous with the “discovery” of Angkor Wat in 1860. In truth, however, the sprawling temple-city of Angkor was never “lost” or in need of rediscovery: while some areas of the enormous religious monument had been overtaken by jungle growth, the Khmer people been continuously occupying and maintaining the central […]

The Legend of Halong Bay 1

  The legend states that in ancient times, the Vietnamese people had to defend themselves against fierce invaders from the North. The Jade Emperor saw the peril of the Vietnamese people and sent a Mother Dragon and her children to defend the country. The mighty dragons swooped down from the heavens and […]

4 Featured Taiwan Hotels!

Taiwan is fortunate enough to have some incredible hotels- whether it’s lake side, hidden in the mountains or inside a national park, all of Super Value Tour’s Taiwan hotels are sure to impress. As part of our spotlight on Taiwan week, we’ve decided to feature four of our favorite hotels […]