Monthly Archives: April 2016

Taste of Summer!

We LOVE to eat, so we take food very seriously! One of the best parts of our work is finding the best foods in each destination and sharing them with guests on our tours. Japan in summer time is warm, there’s no doubt about that. However, the warm weather also […]

3 Aboriginal Experiences in Taiwan

Before the influx of Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, and many other foreign influence in Taiwan, the indigenous peoples of Taiwan lived on the island. The indigenous peoples of Taiwan are Austronesian peoples, with linguistic and genetic ties to other Austronesian ethnic groups, including those of the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Madagascar and Oceania. Taiwan […]

We Launched Our Mobile Site!

Exciting news! Super Value Tours has launched its mobile site. The site was designed entirely in house with input from the sales team and customers. The site is optimized to provide a better user experience.  Since so many of website users are coming from mobile phones and tablets (about 50% !), we’re excited […]

3 Must See Museums in Asia

1. The National Palace Museum The National Palace Museum in Taipei is considered one of the four great international museums of human culture (alongside the Louvre in Paris, The Met in New York, and The British Museum in London, England). The museum houses the largest collection of Chinese artifacts in […]