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Taiwan’s capital city has been described as “deceptively wonderful.” The city offers everything from top museums to night markets to adorned temples. While we always include the city’s must see and do activities on our guided tours, we have often have several guests extending their stay in Taipei to explore on their own. For these travelers, we’ve put together a guide book to Taipei for independent travelers. The guidebook offers insight into everything from an overview of Taipei’s night markets to the best restaurants to experience a traditional Taiwanese breakfast. You can download the Taipei Tips guidebook here.

Taipei Tips includes:

  • Overviews of Taipei Neighborhoods
  • 5 Must Taste Foods/ Restaurants
  • 4 “Extra” Things to Do
  • Additional info on shipping, shopping, language, & luggage

To receive your free digital copy of Taipei Tips, click here.

Guided experiences of Taiwan’s capital city are included on all of our Taiwan Tours.

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