Scary Stories from Asia and Beyond

Ever wondered what spooky legends live on in other countries? In the spirit of Halloween, here are a few of our favorite scary stories guaranteed to give you the frights.

1. Japan: The True Story which Inspired ” The Ring,” One of the Scariest Films of All Time

On the grounds of Himeji Castle, a well can be found commemorating the tragic and scary story of Okiku, the beautiful servant. Framed and executed for stealing one of ten valuable plates, it is said Okiku crawled out of the well at night counting the plates to torment & curse her accusers. If you were unlucky enough to hear her count to 10, you would come down with an incurable illness.















2. China: Beware the Zombie Apocalypse

A popular monster from folklore, “Jiangshi” are China’s versions of zombies, known to suck the life force, or “Qi” from living victims by flying or hopping stiffly.

During the Qing Dynasty, efforts were made to return bodies of migrant workers who died far from home. This was done so their spirits would not grow homesick. The corpses were transported at night with coffins attached to bamboo poles. As they went on their journey, the bamboo would flex. Viewed from afar, this would look as is the dead were bouncing on their own.

Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

3. Taiwan: Dekeng Scenic Area

In 1998, a family with a camcorder captured a frighting surprise. Unnoticed by the family was a creepy little girl dressed in red following them as they hiked.The footage was spread on TV and became the inspiration for the famous horror movie, “The Tag-Along.”

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4. Peru: Gran Hotel Bolivar

Plaza San Martin in the historic center of Lima. Victims of murder and suicide both are said to haunt the hotel. A bellhop is sometimes seen disappearing in front of guests’ eyes. While it still operates as a hotel, the fifth and six floors have been closed to guests for years due to extreme paranormal activity.

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