Super Value Tours was founded on the idea that all aspects of your tour, from start to finish, are of the highest quality, driven by integrity and presented at a fair price. While each country and each tour are completely unique, every tour includes the following:
  • Luxurious and Atmospheric Hotel Accommodations: Our hotels are attractions in themselves. Often very well known and best reviewed on travel websites, like Trip Advisor, each hotel provides a high level of comfort with incredible hotel features such as hot springs and impeccable service. Additionally, all hotels are centrally located and meticulously sourced by our operations team to ensure high quality. 
  • Multilingual Expert Guides: Our tour is fully-escorted so you may enjoy the world-class service of our own knowledgeable, professional English speaking guides. Our guides are the most important people in our company, delivering you a caring and quality experience. Where available, enjoy free time to explore on your own with helpful information we provide.
  • Culinary Experiences: We hand-pick restaurants featuring local specialties- some several generations old. Enjoy a variety of menu selections; delightfully different from typical tours. Additionally, rather than taking our guests to one restaurant- we often provide many options in order to accommodate each individual’s unique taste. Many of our restaurants solely work with our company alone- solidifying the fact that your experience will be unique and truly distinctive- ideal for both the culinary challenged and advanced foodies alike! 
  • Variety and Comfortable Transportation: Planes, trains, buses, rickshaws, motorboats and cruise ships are just a handful of the modes of transportation on our tours. We provide a wide variety of transportation to give you an opportunity to experience the destination from several different perspectives. Additionally, we guarantee that all transportation is as comfortable and convenient as possible.  
  • Entrance Fees to All Sites
  • Complimentary Travel Insurance

Our Exclusions

Your time is valuable, we promise to leave out the tourist traps that may squander hours of your precious time. We also promise to exclude hidden fees. Our price is all inclusive and transparent- the price you are quoted is the final price you pay- no hidden airline fees, or mandatory insurance purchases. We like being upfront with our costs because we know our clients appreciate this.

Our Reputation

At Super Value Tours we are genuinely proud of our product. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to serve an esteemed and savvy clientele. Our loyal customers continuously reassure us that our services surpass their highest expectations because we are trustworthy and our itineraries are organized, thoughtful, and creative.  80% of our business has been cultivated from word-of-mouth referrals, reassuring you that we abide by high quality standards.Super Value Tours

Our Mission & Philosophy
Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and authentic cultural experience. We want our guests to learn, feel and experience as the locals do. As travel enthusiasts ourselves, we’re passionate about providing life changing experiences and understand travel should be about learning and enjoying different cultures first hand.
Super Value Tours, in combination with its sister company Signet Tours, is one of the leading tour operators in North America, specializing in deluxe escorted tours to Asia. We offer quality tours and great service to an esteemed and savvy clientele at remarkable value. We have also become North America’s #1 tour operator to Japan and Taiwan.  With an over 99% customer satisfaction rating, we are proud of our products and invite you to travel with us soon!