The Oft-Overlooked Heart of Vietnam

Once relatively unfrequented by travelers from the ‘global west’, Vietnam has burst onto the 21st century travel scene as one of the most enchanting and beautiful destinations in the Eastern hemisphere. The most heavily-traveled and densely-populated areas of Vietnam are the Red River Delta in the north– home to the […]

Where will 2016 take you?

As the new year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about where the new year will take you! We invite you to join us in 2016 on a new journey. We have several new products for 2016 including our in depth Island of Hokkaido and West Japan tours. Of course, our most […]

6 Reasons that make Super Value Tours different

We’re all looking for ways to worry less, especially when it comes to travel. Finding reputable and trustworthy companies to entrust your travel experience to is no easy task. However, Super Value Tours has focused on providing authentic, inclusive experiences for many years. Here are 6 ways Super Value Tours […]

Henri Mouhot’s “Discovery” of Angkor Wat 1

Henri Mouhot’s name is synonymous with the “discovery” of Angkor Wat in 1860. In truth, however, the sprawling temple-city of Angkor was never “lost” or in need of rediscovery: while some areas of the enormous religious monument had been overtaken by jungle growth, the Khmer people been continuously occupying and maintaining the central […]

The Legend of Halong Bay 1

  The legend states that in ancient times, the Vietnamese people had to defend themselves against fierce invaders from the North. The Jade Emperor saw the peril of the Vietnamese people and sent a Mother Dragon and her children to defend the country. The mighty dragons swooped down from the heavens and […]