Scary Stories from Asia and Beyond

Ever wondered what spooky legends live on in other countries? In the spirit of Halloween, here are a few of our favorite scary stories guaranteed to give you the frights. 1. Japan: The True Story which Inspired ” The Ring,” One of the Scariest Films of All Time On the grounds of […]

Guest Interview: Travel & Adventure Show Contest Winner

Today’s featured guest, Eric Blackmon, a seasoned independent traveler, was the lucky winner of our Los Angeles Travel and Adventure show giveaway contest. Mr. Blackmon chose our Golden China 8-day tour as his prize. Enjoy our below interview to learn about his insights on traveling with Super Value Tours and […]

Matryoshka Madness

  Matryoskha, the doll of many names. You may know them also as Russian nesting dolls, stacking dolls, secret dolls, babushak, etc. – the list goes on and on. Whichever name they go by, they are synonymous with Russian folk art and culture.  These wooden dolls contain a set of […]

Our Guests Are Amazing!

One of the best things about our job is having the chance to host and meet a diverse range of people from all different backgrounds and talents. Time and again, we are always so impressed by our guests. Today, we want to share some beautiful illustrations created by Joann, a […]

Guest Interview: A Seasoned Traveler’s Tour Experience

Last year, we attended the Bay Area Travel and Adventure Expo ready to give away a free Japan Kanto Tour to one lucky winner. While at the show, Mr. Mothi Krishna happened across our booth and decided to enter his name into our drawing… Little did he know, luck was […]


In this day and age, the internet is widely accepted as the standard repository of all knowledge and wisdom for our species– but there are some things that are still truly ‘un-google-able’. Through years of practice, determination, and passion for travel, we’ve built our expertise about international travel planning into […]

2017 Taiwan Tourism Festival

Super Value Tours Awarded 2016 Taiwan Tourism Award

We have exciting news to share – we’ve been honored with the 2016 Taiwan Tourism Award! Esther Lin, General Manager of our Canada office accepted the award in Taipei on Feb 9th, 2017. Here’s a photo from the event:   Taiwan’s visitor arrivals passed the 10 million mark in 2016 and […]

Japan – Entering a Nature Lover’s Paradise

Japan is a country well-known for its remarkably distinct beauty in each of the four seasons, and its northernmost island possesses some of the best examples of year-round natural beauty to be found nationwide. Our Hokkaido Island tour programs only operate once per season and are specifically designed to explore […]

Super Value Tours Awarded Taiwan Tourism Award

Good news! Super Value Tours has been awarded a 2016 Taiwan Tourism Award. Our CEO accepted the award in Taipei yesterday.Here’s a photo from the event: Taiwan’s visitor arrivals passed the 10 million mark in 2015 and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau recognized Super Value Tours’ contributions to the tourism industry. […]

Download our Free ‘Tokyo Tips’ Guide!

Tokyo is one of the best cities in the world to explore. While we always include the city’s best sites and activities on our tours, we often have travelers extending their stay in Tokyo to explore independently. For this reason, we’ve put together a quick guide for independent travelers in Tokyo. Download […]