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Airline baggage weight restrictions

Airline Pacific line
Pacific line (lb / pc)
Asian routes
Total weight (in pounds)
Atlantic Line
Total weight (in pounds)
Japan Airlines(JL) 50 44 N/A
Cathay Pacific Airways (CX) 50 44 N/A
EVA Air (BR) 50 44 N/A
United Airlines (UA) 50/1pc 40 N/A
Air China (CA) 50 44 N/A
China Eastern Airlines (MU) 50 44 N/A
China Southern Airlines (CZ) 50 44 N/A
All Nippon (NH) 50/2pc 44 N/A
LAN Airlines (LA) 50/2pc N/A N/A
Aeroflot (SU) N/A N/A 50/2pc
Air France (AF) N/A N/A 50/1pc
Royal Dutch Airlines (KL) N/A N/A 50/1pc
  • Pacific routes: Refers to flights to Asia originating from North America.  For air tickets issued after 01/08/2015, most carriers allow 2 pieces for economy class, except flights to China which are usually 1 piece. Different routes may have different limits, so contact us or your airline for specifics.
  • Asian routes:Refers to flights originating in Asia to other Asian cities, limited to the weight shown above.
  • Above weight limits are accurate at time of publication; may be subject to change.
  • For more details and the latest updates, please contact your airline as listed above.


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