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Four Most Commonly-Found Plug Types Around the World
USA-style Plug 'Europlug' UK-style Plug Australian-style Plug
Standard throughout North America and countries whose electrical systems were originally built atop US-made equipment (e.g. Japan & Taiwan). 'A-type' can be polarized or not, while 'B-type' has an earthing pin and is always polarized. Common two-pin plug found throughout Europe and elsewhere (Russia, Asia, South America, Africa). Earthing provisions differ from region to region, but all standards have the two main (usually nonpolarized) pins in common. Unique to the UK and a handful of other regions abroad (parts of China, the Middle East, Central America, East Africa). One version only, always earthed and polarized, features an integral safety fuse and individually-switched outlets. The 'Sad Ghost' plug, usually only found in Australia, New Zealand, and China (with a few instances elsewhere). Always polarized, but not always earthed.
Region Voltage Frequency Plug Type
North America 115V 60Hz A/B
Japan 100V 50/60Hz (?) A/B
Taiwan 115V 60Hz A/B
China 220-240V 50Hz A/B, I
Vietnam 220-240V 50Hz A/B, G, C/E/F
Peru 220-240V 60Hz A/B, C/E/F
Russia 220-240V 50Hz C/E/F
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  • There are two important considerations when evaluating international voltage compatibility: physical shape and voltage.
  • To determine if the physical shape of your plug works for your destination, please refer to the reference chart above. If your plug does not fit, you will need a physical adapter for your electronics. Some of our hotels may have a limited number of adapters for loan, but if you have any critical electronics, it will be a good idea to prepare adapters advance.
  • The other important criteria is to ensure your devices can handle the different voltages of each country. For instance, China's standard voltage of 220V is far higher than the North American 110V standard.
  • Many modern electronics can handle a range of voltages, but it is still important to check each device to be safe. In case your device cannot handle higher voltages, a transformer can help reduce the voltage to a compatible level. Transformers are not widely available overseas and must be bought before departure. They can be found in most local electronics shops or online.