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General Visa Guidelines

Before departing for your trip, it's important to make sure you have the required visas for your destinations. In case you are traveling to multiple destinations, please remember to make sure you have the proper visas for each country on your itinerary. It is important to check expiration dates on your passports since many countries (China, Taiwan, Vietnam) have a policy requiring at least six months of validity remaining from the date of departure.

For guests who need a visa, please apply in the US or Canada before departure. Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for the application process to complete for most consulates. Since regulations are frequently updated, it's a good idea to check with the appropriate consular offices for the latest details.

For your convenience, we have put together a simple reference chart for US passport holders. If you are not holding a Canada passport, please be sure to double-check the visa requirements with the consulate for each destination you will be visiting while traveling with us. Please be aware we cannot be held responsible for delays related to invalid passports or visas.

Visas not required

  • Japan (90 days)
  • Taiwan (90 days)
  • Peru (183 days)
  • Hong Kong (90 days)

Visas required

  • China - Please apply before departure.
    • How to apply: Directly in person through your nearest consulate, visa company, or your travel agency. If an address in China is requested, please use the first night's hotel on our itinerary.
    • Requirements: Passports with at least 6 months validity, visa application form (Form V.2013), 2 passport photos, credit card (no cash accepted).
    • Processing time & cost: Please allow 5 business days. For guests local to Los Angeles: $190 USD per person (consulate fees), plus shipping. Not included in tour fare. For guests outside the Los Angeles area, please contact us for consulate fee information. 
  • Cambodia - Please apply online directly with the Official Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Cambodia.
    • How to apply: Official website only; no offline option available (how to).
    • Requirements: Passports with at least 6 months validity, digital passport photo, credit card.
    • Processing time & cost: Please allow 3-5 business days. $40USD per person. Not included in tour fare. 
    • IMPORTANT: The Cambodia visa is only valid for 3 months from date of application. Please make sure to apply no earlier than 3 months before arrival.
  • Vietnam - Please make sure to have your visa prepared before departure (no landing visas).
    • How to apply: Directly through your nearest consulate (traditional visa), online via evisa service, through your travel agent, or Super Value Tours.
    • Requirements: Color copy of your passports with at least 6 months validity.
    • Processing time & cost (for e-visa):Please allow 10 business days after passports, application, and photos have been received. Single Entry e-visa is $25USD per person (we can help process - charge will be additional $5 or $30USD total per person). Not included in tour fare. Must be applied before arrival. 
  • Russia - Please make sure to have your visa prepared before departure. Apply 60-180 days before tour.
    • How to apply: You may submit your application in person or by mail to your regional Russian visa office (contact us for more details). If you live in the following states, we can help submit an application package to the regional Russian Visa Center: Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah.
    • Requirements:
      • Travel confirmation (provided by Super Value Tours)
      • Online application (we will complete this for you based your completed questionnaire - download)
      • One passport photo (different from photo on passport)
      • Passport: Valid for more than 6 months (based on the end of your trip). Must have at least 2 contiguous blank "VISA" pages.
    • Processing time & cost: The cost is $300USD per person (Additional $30 mailing fee will be charged if we need to mail your passport back when visa is done). Not included in tour fare. Please allow 3-5 weeks after passports, application, and photos have been received.
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