Super Value Tours - Island of Hokkaido_Sapporo, Otaru, Asahikawa, Sounkyo, Abashiri, Shiretoko, Kawayu, Kushiro, Shikaribetsu Lake

Island of Hokkaido

Winter - 10 Days (2020 Sapporo Snow Festival)

Land Only from US $4099


Sapporo, Otaru, Asahikawa, Sounkyo, Abashiri, Shiretoko, Kawayu, Kushiro, Shikaribetsu Lake

Departs Feb 5th and 8th 2020

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A BETTER WAY TO TOUR: To us, 'value' means making a better way to tour. We love to surprise our guests with unique experiences, top-notch service, hidden local delights, & memories of a lifetime. Our tours are designed to balance sightseeing & free time while avoiding crowds and tourist traps.


  • Once in a lifetime trip for you to appreciate and celebrate the beauty of winter in Hokkaido:
    • Watch the city of Sapporo transform into a winter wonderland at the Sapporo Snow Festival.
    • Admire snow and ice sculptures lining the Odori Park.
    • Be amazed at the Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival.
  • Unforgettable experiences await: 
    • Observe adorable penguins, polar bears, and other animals up close at the Asahiyama Zoo.
    • Marvel at drift ice floating on the Okhotsk Sea aboard an icebreaker cruise.
    • Feel the chill in a -15c° room at the Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum. 
    • Hike in snowshoes.



  • Sharing great culinary experiences is a specialty we are very proud of. Before a restaurant is selected for our itinerary, our development team spends countless hours sampling dozens of restaurants for comparison. On this trip, you will have a chance to taste Hokkaido delicacies such as Hokkaido style ramen, chirashi from Washo Ichiba, lamb shabu shabu, Hokkaido Wagyu Beef, Shiretoko Chicken BBQ and much more. 


  • Charismatic and knowledgeable Super Value trained guides.
  • A comprehensive travel insurance plan. Details  
  • High quality headsets to hear our tour guide's presentation clearly.
  • On this tour, porterage service is only provided at Sapporo Grand Hotel, Hotel Taisetsu, Shiretoko Grand Hotel & Lake Akan Tsuruga. We apologize for this inconvenience. 
Tour Map

USA/Canada  Japan

  •  Depart from your home airport, have a great flight! 

Arrive in New Chitose Airport (CTS)  (1hr, 32mi) Sapporo 【Dinner】

  • "Yokoso" or "welcome" to Japan! A Super Value Tours Representative will meet you at the arrival area and escort you to the hotel. 
  • Airport pickup is available for flights arriving New Chitose Airport (CTS) from 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • For dinner, a refund of 2,500JPY per person so you may freely explore the Snow Festival area near our hotel.  For late arrival, we suggest you to have dinner at transit airport. 

DinnerDine on your own at the Snow Festival area with our suggestions! HotelSapporo Grand, JR Tower Hotel Sapporo, Prince Hotel, or Sapporo Park Hotel


Sapporo  (1½hrs, 24mi) Otaru  (1½hrs, 24mi) Sapporo 【3 meals】

  • Sapporo: See Sapporo transform into a winter wonderland during the annual Snow Festival.      
    • Visit Odori Park and Susukino district and marvel at sculptures made of ice and snow. 
  • Otaru: Walk along Otaru Canal blanketed in snow and lights. 
Sapporo Snow Festival ff80808169be915e0169c307532a0fa1.jpg Otaru Snow Light Path ff80808169be915e0169c307538d0fa2.jpg Snow Sculptures at Susukino ff8080816b02f183016b06390a58114e.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchHokkaido Specialty: Lamb Shabu Shabu DinnerHokkaido Crab Feast HotelSapporo Grand, JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo, Prince Hotel, or Sapporo Park Hotel


Sapporo  (2½hrs, 84mi) Asahikawa  (1½hrs, 37mi) Sounkyo Onsen 【3 meals】

  • Asahikawa
    • Asahiyama Zoo: Enjoy a close up view of adorable penguins and polar bears at Japan's northernmost zoo. 
  • Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival: Wander through frozen icefalls and caves at Sounkyo Valley. See the festival lit up by colorful lights at night. 


Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival 8_tour_4-1_20150515060654_20150527143629_20170508134923.jpg Asahiyama Zoo D4-2_20150527210500_20150611125831_20170508134923.jpg Sounkyo Ice Waterfall Festival 8_tour_4-3_20150515060654_20150527143629_20170508134923.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchRefund (Choose from a variety of ramen options) DinnerKaiseki Banquet Dinner HotelHotel Taisetsu


Sounkyo Onsen   (2½ hrs, 85mi) Abashiri  (15mins, 5mi) Lake Abashiri Onsen 【3 meals】

  • Abashiri
    • Icebreaker Cruise: Feel the cruiser beak through drift ice on the Sea of Okhotsk. (Weather may affect departure availability, itinerary is subject to change. Refund will be provided if we are unable to sail). 
    • Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum: Touch drift ice in a -15c° simulated room. Also learn about the science behind drift ice and fascinating sea creatures such as Clione, known as the sea angel. 
Icebreaker Cruise 8_tour_5-1_20150515060654_20150527151731_20170508134923.jpg Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum D5-2_20150611005228_20150611125126_20170508134923.jpg Sea of Okhotsk Drift Ice 8_tour_5-3_20150515060654_20150527151731_20170508134923.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchHokkaido Wagyu Beef & Shiretoko Chicken BBQ DinnerHotel Buffet HotelLake Abashiri Tsuruga Resort


 Lake Abashiri  Onsen  (1½hrs, 50mi) Shiretoko Onsen【3 meals】

  • Abashiri Prison Museum - Walk through the prison gates of "Japan's Alcatraz"
  • Shiretoko Shari
    • Shiretoko Drift Ice Walk (fee not included): Change into a wetsuit and have a once in a lifetime intimate experience on drift ice. 
      • 6000JPY/person (Height: between 4ft 3in-6ft 3in., Weight: less than 242.5lb)
      • Total activity time including changing and traveling: 90-120mins; actual experience time: 40-50mins depending on weather conditions. 
    • Shiretoko World Heritage Conservation Center: Learn more about the nature in Shiretoko.


Abashiri Prison Museum 8WE_Abashiri-Prison_260x180-1.jpg Shiretoko World Heritage Center D6-2_20160601185431_20161115144611_20170508134923.jpg Drift Ice Walk drift_ice_walk_20160114110857_20170508134923.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchSeafood rice bowl or Grilled Fish set DinnerHotel Buffet HotelKitaKobushi Shiretoko Hotel & Resort or Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel


Shiretoko Onsen (Utoro)  (1½hrs, 50mi) Teshikaga (15mins, 7mi)  Lake Akan Onsen 【3 meals】

  • Furepe Waterfall: Today's new experience, try hiking with snowshoes while searching for animals tracks.
  • Teshikaga
    • Lake Mashu: Visit the observation deck at Lake Mashu and see one of the clearest lakes in the world.
    • Mt. Io: Take a stroll around this active volcano and see beautiful white sulfurous steam emitting from the ground. 
    • Lake Kussharo: Whooper Swan watching at the lake.
Snowshoe Hiking D7-1_20150611205556_20170508134923.jpg Whooper Swans at Lake Kussharo D7-2_20160601193714_20161115151505_20170508134923.jpg Mt. Iwo D7-3_20160601201023_20161115151505_20170508134923.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchBeef Stew DinnerKaiseki Banquet Dinner HotelLake Akan Tsuruga Resort


Lake Akan Onsen【3 meals】

  • Akan
    • Red-Crowned Crane: Encounter the Japanese national bird and watch the red-crowned crane dance elegantly between prairie wetlands (Weather and other factors may affect the number of cranes that can be seen).
    • Depending on weather conditions, we will visit the Tsurui-Ito Tancho Sanctuary or visit the Akan International Crane Center to learn more about conservation and research efforts of these national treasures. 
    • Akanko Ainu Kotan Village: Strolling in Ainu Kotan Village, the only designed important intangible cultural heritage in Japan, for original Ainu Art made by indigenous Ainu People.
  • Lake Akan
    • Outdoor activities on frozen lake Akan: Choose from ice fishing, snowmobiling, banana boating, or ATV.
Banana Boat on Frozen lake Akan 8WE_Akan-Activities_260x180.jpg Outdoor activities on frozen Lake Akan 8WE_Akan-Activities_260x180-1.jpg Red-Crowned Cranes IMG_7350IBC_20150527162104_20170508134923.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchBuild Your Own Chirashi Seafood Bowl DinnerHotel Buffet HotelLake Akan Tsuruga Resort


Lake Akan Onsen (1½ hrs, 45mi) Kushiro  (2½ hrs, 90mi) Lake Shikaribetsu(1hr10mins, 40mi)Tokachigawa Onsen【3 meals】

  • Kushiro
    • Washo Ichiba Market: Taste delicious Kushiro's delicacies. Hand pick and savor your own bowl of seafood delights. 
  • Lake Shikaribetsu 
    • Lake Shikaribetsu Ice Festival: For only two months of the year, a village constructed purely of ice is found on the frozen lake. Fall in love with this fairytale like Igloo ice village, complete with Ice Bar, built on Lake Shikaribetsu.  If "the cold never bothered you anyway," try the outdoor open air hot spring surrounded by snow and ice. 
  • Tokachigawa Onsen:
    • The only place to try Moor hot springs, also known as "hot springs for beauty." Moor hot springs contain rich organic plant-derived matters, which is said to have excellent skin moisturizing and smoothing effects. 
Seafood at Washoichiba Market 8WE_Washo-Market-23_260x180-1.jpg Open-Air Onsen 8_tour_9-2_20150515060654_20150527170642_20170508134923.jpg Ice bar 8WE_Shikaribetsu-Ice-Village_260x180-1.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchLocal Specialty DinnerKaiseki Banquet Dinner HotelTokachigawa Onsen-- Daiichi Hotel


Tokachigawa Onsen  (2½ hrs, 100mi) New Chitose Airport (CTS)   Your Next Destination 【Breakfast】

  • In the morning, we leave our hotel together and disband in Sapporo Chitose (CTS) airport. Please arrange flights departing from CTS after 1:00PM for domestic connections, 2:00PM for international flights.
  • "Sayonara!" or "goodbye!" Our winter wonderland journey has come to an end. We hope to see you again soon! 

BreakfastHotel Buffet

Health & Safety 

  • This tour involves standing and walking for up to 2 hours at a time over inclined or uneven streets.
  • On this tour, we will be visiting some areas with very uneven or icy flooring. Wheelchairs cannot be accommodated on this tour.
  • All hotels on this tour will use western-style bedding.
  • Hokkaido has a cold climate in the winter, so be sure to bring warm clothing and footwear appropriate for snow. We will provide heat packs and non-slip shoe covers on tour.


  • You have the choice of upgrading your stay in three hotels on this tour to include private onsen facilities. Availability is limited, so please let us know at the time of booking if you would like to upgrade.
  • In the spirit of "Travel Happy" we do not believe in hidden fees - no options are sold on tour.

 Dietary Restrictions

  • It's important everyone has a great dining experience while traveling with us! If you have a special meal restriction (i.e. no sashimi, no lamb, etc), please let us know two weeks before tour date. We will do our best to oblige, but we regret some dietary preferences may not be available due to cultural differences.

Luggage Handling

  • Porterage service included in all hotels where available (most ryokan hotels do not offer porterage).
Sapporo Snow Festival

Began in 1950 by a group of local high school students, the Sapporo Snow Festival today is one of Japan’s largest winter events. With over two million local and international visitors coming to celebrate, it is an event not to be missed.  

Asahiyama Zoo

Enjoy a fun and interactive experience with adorable penguins, polar bears, and other animals. The Asahiyama Zoo has made tremendous efforts in designing and creating spaces where visitors can observe every animal in their natural habitat up close. 

Sounkyo Valley Ice Waterfall Festival

Taking place along the Ishikari River at the base of the Sounkyo Onsen, the Ice Waterfall Festival always features an impressive multi-story structure made almost entirely out of ice. Other attractions include large snow domes, ice sculptures, a snow tubing run, and a stage built out of snow where various events are held. Pale blue during the day, watch the entire festival illuminated with colorful lights at night.  

Icebreaker Cruise

Drift ice can be seen on the Okhotsk Sea during the winter time and from the coast of Abashiri, guests can take an icebreaker cruise to see drift ice first hand. Feel the ship smashing through blocks of ice at a speed of 3 knots/h.

Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum

Located on the top of Mt. Tentozan, learn about the science behind drift ice and see the adorable clione, commonly known as sea angel. The museum offers a -15c° room that simulates drift ice experience year round. Step inside the room to touch drift ice and watch how a wet towel is frozen within seconds.  

Shiretoko Peninsula

Located in the north-east of Hokkaido, Shiretoko peninsula is rich in natural resources. Considered to be the last pristine wilderness remaining in Japan, Shiretoko, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, is home to many endangered species and rare plants. 

Shiretoko Utoro Port

Utoro is the largest town along the western coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula. It is also the gateway into Shiretoko Peninsula. 

Shiretoko World Heritage Conservation Center

Stay current on Shiretoko’s sites and learn about the proper etiquettes and rules of observing Shiretoko’s nature. Visitors can also see life-size photographs of animals such as blakiston’s fish-owl, brown bears, and deer of Shiretoko at the center. 

Lake Kussharo

Lake Kussharo is a caldera lake and one of the largest lakes in Japan to completely freeze over during the winter. While the lake is frozen, geothermal springs prevents any ice from forming along the sandy beaches. Here is where you will find 300 Whooper swans returning every winter to bathe and roam. 


Kushiro is one of the most important economic, political, and cultural hubs in eastern Hokkaido. It is known as the city of fog with similar climate to San Francisco during the summer. Kushiro is also the largest fishing port in Hokkaido with the highest number of catches in Japan. 

Shikaribetsu Lake Village

Lake Shikaribetsu, also known as “Lake of the Sky”, is located in Daisetsu National Park. During winter, the lake is frozen over and a village of igloos is built.  There are also open-air baths filled with water from Shikaribetsu Onsen, ice bar, and other winter events hosted on the lake.

Sapporo Grand Hotel

Sapporo Grand Hotel was established in 1934 as Hokkaido's first-ever genuine Western-style hotel. The hotel commands a prime location in the center of Sapporo with convenient access to subway and JR Sapporo stations.  The underground pass located in front of the hotel also connects busy shopping areas of Susukino and Tanukikoji so you may enjoy shopping without worrying about the weather.

JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo

Directly connected to Sapporo Station and Daimaru Department Store, JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo has one of the top-rated locations in Sapporo.  40-minute train ride from New Chitose Airport, 10-minute walk from Odori Park, and within walking distance to some other historic sites such as the Clock Tower and Former Hokkaido Government Office Building in Sapporo.

Sapporo Prince Hotel

Sapporo Prince Hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Sapporo close to local shopping and restaurants. It is only 5mins from Sapporo train station and 28miles from New Chitose Airport (CTS). Guests can also soak away travel fatigue in the hotel's open-air hot spring. 


Hotel Taisetsu

Relax in the outdoor hot springs surrounded by the snowy mountains of Sounkyo. This hotel offers majestic panoramic view of the mountain range and beautiful gorge.


Lake Abashiri Tsuruga Resort

At this resort, taste fresh seasonal delicacy of Okhotsk and experience the natural healing properties of the unique hot springs.


Kitakobushi Shiretoko Hotel & Resort

Enjoy a panoramic view of the Okhotsk coast from the top floor observation deck. This hotel is located near the Utoro port, an area with abundant natural resources. Guests can taste many fresh local specialties.


Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel

This Ryokan style hotel features amazing views of the Sea of Okhotsk and surrounding areas. Take some time to soak in the hotel's indoor and outdoor Utoro onsen to relax and rejuvenate. 

Tokachikawa Onsen--Daiichi Hotel

This hotel is the only hotel in Japan that offers rare moor hot springs (onsen containing bioorganic algae). Moor hot springs is considered one of Hokkaido's heritages.

  • Shabu Shabu

  • Crab Feast

  • Chirashi Seafood Bowl

  • Exquisite Kaiseki Banquet

  • Local Specialty: Beef Stew

  • Sounkyo Kaiseki Banquet

  • Asahikawa Santouka Ramen

  • Kawayu Kaiseki

  • Fresh Crab from Washo Ichiba Market

  • Hokkaido Wagyu + Chicken Barbeque Set

Jeu F.( Mar 6, 2018 )


AWESOME FUN!!!  We just returned from the 2018 Sapporo Winter Festival and all the many activities around Hokkaido Island.  It was the most fun trip we've ever taken!  The weather was around zero-degrees Fahrenheit and sometimes it snowed heavily.  But if you layer up in  snow gear, you won't be cold.  Thanks to our wonderful guide, Junko, for a truly great trip !!!

William C.( Aug 24, 2017 )


I have been on their tours to Hokkaido Snow festival, as well as a custom-designed group tour to Szechuan and Yunnan recently. Their itenaries are well thought out, expertly balancing times, travel, sumptuous meals and great lodging. Tour guides are experienced and accommodating to travelers' needs. I highly recommend them and hope to attend their tour again (William Chen, Eye Plastic Surgery).