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Island of Hokkaido

Summer - 9 Days 2020

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Sapporo, Furano, Biei, Sounkyo, Shiretoko, Lake Akan, Tokachi

7/15, 7/25

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Featured Arrangements

  • Furano: Admire the beauty and vibrant colors of Farm Tomita. 
  • Sounkyo: Ride the Mt. Kurodake Ropeway for a splendid view of Daisetsuzan Mountain Range. 
  • Abashiri: Feel the chill in a -15c° room at the Okhotsk Drift Ice Museum. 
  • Shiretoko Peninsula: Take a boat excursion and admire this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stroll through Shiretoko Five Lakes. 
  • Lake Mashu: See the "clearest lake in the world." 
  • Lake Akan: Visit the home of Marimo, a rare green algae species. 
  • Tokachi: Soak in Moor hot springs unique only to Tokachi. 

Luxury Accommodations

  • Stay 6 nights in onsen hotels and enjoy different scenery, food, and types of hot springs. 

Culinary Experiences  

  • Arranging great culinary experiences is a specialty we are very proud of. Our development team samples each meal before presenting them to our guests. On this trip, you will have a chance to taste many Hokkaido delicacies including kaiseki banquet, Hokkaido seafood and much more!

Super Value Standard

  • Local, friendly, and knowledgeable, our exceptional tour guide is your friend in Japan.
  • A comprehensive travel insurance plan for you to travel with a peace of mind. Details  
  • High quality headset to enjoy the tour guide presentation clearly.
  • Porterage service is provided (a few hotels may not be able to accommodate due to lack of manpower).
  • Unlimited bottled water on tour.
Tour Map


  • Depart from your home airport, have a great flight!

Arrive in New Chitose Airport (CTS) (1hr, 32 miles) Sapporo【Dinner】

  • Yokoso" or "Welcome" to Japan! A Super Value Tours Representative will meet you at the arrivals area and escort you to the hotel. Take today to rest up or explore the city of Sapporo on your own before official plans begin.
  • Airport pickup is available for flights arriving New Chitose Airport (CTS) from 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM 
  • If your flight arrival is after 7:00pm, we will refund 2,000 JPY per person to cover the cost of dinner. Please arrange to have dinner on your own. 

DinnerLocal Specialty HotelSapporo Grand Hotel or JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo


Sapporo smiley(3hrs, 102 miles) Biei smiley(30mins, 15 miles) Furano【3 meals】

  • Biei: 
    • Patchwork Road and Panorama Road: Admire the picturesque landscapes as we drive through this area. (Contrary to the name, Patchwork Road and Panorama Road both refer to an area in Biei and not just a road.) 
    • Shikisai no Oka: Discover 7-hectares of colorful flowers blooming over the rolling fields. Enjoy different types of flowers such as sunflowers, lavenders, cosmos, lupines and other seasonal flowers from spring until fall every year.  
  • Furano:
    • Farm Tomita: Enjoy a once in a lifetime trip to this historic farm covered in lavender and other seasonal flowers. The Furano fields only bloom during the summer each year.
Biei 美瑛夏天_20151007175654_20151023234528_20160606165708.jpg Patchwork Road Patchwork_20160816194704_20161116145301.jpg Farm Tomita D3-3_20150208214006_20150617230806_20150915172757_20160606165708.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchFurano Local Specialties DinnerHotel Buffet HotelNew Furano Prince Hotel


Furano smiley(2hrs, 75 miles) Sounkyo Onsen【3 meals】

  • Biei:
    • Hokusei no Oka: Climb to the top of the pyramid-shaped observation deck and enjoy expansive views of the colorful rolling hills and Taisetsu mountain range in the distance.
  • Sounkyo Gorge:
    • Mt. Kurodake: Ride the Kurodake Ropeway up for an incredible view of the Daisetsuzan Mountain Range. 
    • Ryusei No Taki Falls (Shooting Star Falls) and Ginga No Taki Falls (Milky Way Falls): Admire two of the best waterfalls in the gorge. 
    • Obako: Visit Obako rock formation, one of the most beautiful areas in the gorge. 
Sounkyo Valley D4-1_20150205014533_20150617230805_20150903142139_20150915115048_20160606165708.jpg Mt. Kurodake Ropeway D4-2_travle1-3102_travle1-3112_travle1-3127_20150617230805_20150903142139_20150915115048_20160606165708.jpg Gin Ga no Taki D4-3_travle2-3102_travle2-3112_travle2-3127_20150617230805_20150903142139_20150915115048_20160606165708.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchRamen and Beef Rice Bowl DinnerFusion Cuisine HotelHotel Taisetsu or Choyo Resort Hotel


Sounkyo Onsen smiley(3hrs, 101 miles) Abashiri smiley(1½hrs, 47 miles) Shiretoko Onsen【3 meals】

  • Abashiri:
    • Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum: Touch drift ice in a -15c° simulated room. Also learn about the science behind drift ice and fascinating sea creatures such as Clione, known as the sea angel. 
    • Tentozan Observatory: See a panoramic view of Lake Abashiri, Lake Notoro, Sea of Okhotsk, and Shiretoko Peninsula. 
  • Shiretoko:
    • Visit the Shiretoko World Heritage Conservation Center and watch a film highlighting the beauty of Shiretoko's four seasons. 
Drift Ice Simulation Room 董事長_20150202095630_20150617230806_20150916105750_20160606165708.jpg Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum 流冰館外観_20150130175232_20150617230806_20150916105750_20160606165708.jpg Shiretoko Penunsula 知床半島_20150202111645_20150617230805_20150903144021_20150915115048_20160606165708.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchYakiniku(BBQ) Lunch DinnerHotel Buffet HotelKitaKobushi Shiretoko Hotel & Resort or Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel


Shiretoko【3 meals】

  • Shiretoko Peninsula:
    • Shiretoko Utoro Port: See the stunning cliffs and rock formations on a boat tour of the Peninsula. 
    • Shiretoko Five Lakes: Depending on your personal preference and physical health, we have designed two walking routes for you to explore and enjoy Five Lakes.
      • A. Full Tour (Distance: 1.8mi, walking time: 3hrs): Stroll along the lakes and through the forest to see the beauty of all five lakes. 
      • B. Elevated Wooden Path (Distance: 1mi, walking time: 40mins): Walk on the wooden path to the first lake and enjoy panoramic views of the Sea of Okhotsk. 
Shiretoko Go-ko (5 Lakes) 知床五湖-1_20150617230805_20150903144704_20150915115048_20160606165708.jpg Shiretoko Go-ko 知床五湖-2_20150617230805_20150903144704_20150915115048_20160606165708.jpg Cruise on Shiretoko 知床宇登呂港遊覽船-1_20150617230805_20150903144704_20150915115048_20160606165708.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchSeafood Specialty DinnerKaiseki Banquet HotelKitaKobushi Shiretoko Hotel & Resort or Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel


Shiretoko Onsen smiley(2hrs, 79 miles) Teshikaga smiley(1hr, 28 miles) Lake Akan Onsen【3 meals】

  • Teshikaga
    • Lake Mashu: Visit the observation deck at Lake Mashu and see one of the clearest lakes in the world.
  • Lake Akan: Cruise along the lake and see rare green Marimo algae. 
Lake Mashu Lake Mashu.jpg Lake Akan Cruise Lake Akan Cruise.jpg Lake Akan Marimo 阿寒湖綠球藻_20150202111905_20150617230805_20150903153522_20150915115048_20160606165708.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchBeef Stew Lunch Set DinnerHotel Buffet HotelLake Akan Tsuruga Resort


Lake Akan Onsen smiley(2hrs, 74 miles) Obihiro smiley(20mins, 7 miles) Tokachigawa Onsen【3 meals】

  • Washo Ichiba Market: Taste delicious Kushiro's delicacies. Hand pick and savor your own bowl of seafood delights. 
  • Obihiro: 
    • Tokachigawa Onsen: The only place to try Moor hot springs, also known as "hot springs for beauty." Moor hot springs contain rich organic plant-derived matters, which is said to have excellent skin moisturizing and smoothing effects. 
Ban'ei Horse Racing 十勝村-輓曳賽馬_20150202100020_20150914000238_20150914094940_20150915115048_20160606165708.jpg Seafood at Washo Market D8-2_20160530001809_20160628075655_20161116150713.jpg Tokachigawa Onsen 十勝川溫泉-美人湯_20150202122239_20150617230806_20150903155009_20150915115048_20160606165708.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchCreate Your Own Chirashi Seafood Bowl DinnerKaiseki Banquet HotelTokachigawa Onsen-- Daiichi Hotel


 Tokachigawa Onsen smiley(3hrs, 104 miles) New Chitose Airport (CTS) sad Your Next Destination【Breakfast】

  • "Sayonara!" or "Goodbye!" Our journey has come to an end, we hope to see you again soon! 
    • In the morning, we leave our hotel together and disband in Sapporo Chitose (CTS) airport. Please arrange flights departing from CTS after 1:00PM for domestic connections, 2:00PM for international flights. 
    • Enjoy some shopping time at the New Chitose Airport. There are many local snacks and souvenirs worth buying before heading home. 

If you have more time, extending your stay in Sapporo or Tokyo after our tour is a great way to explore more. We’re happy to help with hotel extensions; please contact our team for pricing and availability.

BreakfastHotel Buffet


The city of Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido and the fifth largest city in Japan. Sapporo is also one of Japan’s youngest major cities as is seen by its western style grid layout. The city is known for ramen, beer and hosting the Snow Festival each February. 


A picturesque small town located at the foot of the Daisetsuzan National Park in the center of Hokkaido. The bright colors of its vast flower fields, beautiful trees and hills attract as many as 1.2 million visitors annually. 

Aoiike (Blue Pond)

Aoiike is a small, artificial pond built as part of an erosion control system to protect Biei in case of volcanic eruption from nearby Mt. Tokachidake. The pond is famous for its deep blue color which was formed through dissolved minerals in the water. 

Farm Tomita

Farm Tomita is the most beautiful and famous farm in Furano. It is especially known for its vast lavender fields. With the Tokachi Mountain Range in the background, colorful flower fields are in full bloom during the summer months. Visitors cannot miss a visit to see the patchwork of colors expertly manicured and arranged by the Tomita family since 1903.

Mount Kurodake

At 1984m high, Mt. Kurodake is a lava dome located in Daisetsuzan Volcanic Range. Take the Kurodake Ropeway halfway up to the summit and enjoy a splendid view of the Daisetsuzan Mountain Range. 

Ryusei No Taki Falls/Ginga No Taki Falls

Ryusei No Taki Falls (Shooting Star Falls) and Ginga Mo Taki Falls (Milky Way Falls) are two of the most beautiful falls in Sounkyo Valley. Known as husband and wife waterfalls, Ginga no taki (wife) gracefully flows down like white threads while Ryusei No Taki (husband) plummets down from 90m with great force.  


Obako is considered the most beautiful rock formation in Sounkyo Valley and is said to resemble folding screens. It was formed through the eruption of Mt. Daisetus and the erosion of Ishikari River. 


Located in the eastern part of Hokkaido, Abashiri faces the Sea of Okhotsk. It is surrounded by rich lakes, mountains, and other natural landscapes. In the winter, one can witness drift ice on the Okhotsk Sea.

Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum

Located on the top of Mt. Tentozan, learn about the science behind drift ice and see the adorable clione, commonly known as sea angel. The museum offers a -15c° room that simulates drift ice experience year round. Step inside the room to touch drift ice and watch how a wet towel is frozen within seconds.

Shiretoko World Heritage Conservation Center

Stay current on Shiretoko’s sites and learn about the proper etiquettes and rules of observing Shiretoko’s nature. Visitors can also see life-size photographs of animals such as blakiston’s fish-owl, brown bears, and deer of Shiretoko at the center.

Shiretoko Peninsula

Located in the north-east of Hokkaido, Shiretoko peninsula is rich in natural resources. Considered to be the last pristine wilderness remaining in Japan, Shiretoko, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, is home to many endangered species and rare plants. 

Shiretoko Five Lakes

Shiretoko Five Lakes (Shiretoko Goko) are a set of five small lakes formed by eruption of nearby Mount Lo and fed by underground springs. The five lakes are said to be God’s five finger prints.  Surrounded by mountains, trees, and wildness, it is a great place to enjoy Shiretoko’s unspoiled nature. A wooden elevated boardwalk was built so visitors can enjoy the lakes without harming the ecosystem.

Shiretoko Utoro Port

Utoro is the largest town along the western coast of the Shiretoko Peninsula. It is also the gateway into Shiretoko Peninsula. 

Lake Mashu

Lake Mashu, also known as Foggy Lake Mashu, is blanketed by fog most of the time. Visitors can truly enjoy the lake's distinct clarity and beautiful blue tone on a clear day. Not only is this lake the deepest lake in Japan (211 meters), it can also be considered the “clearest lake in the world” with visibility of 41.6 meters.

Lake Akan

Lake Akan is a crater lake formed by volcanic activities more than 6,000 years ago. Located in Akan National Park, it is the home to Marimo, a rare species of algae that forms itself into beautiful green balls. The individual algae can grow up to a size of a soccer ball if left undisturbed. 


Tokachi is the only place in the world to see Ban'ei Horse Racing. Horses have to pull 1 ton of weighted sleds through obstacles on the track for 200m. Witness the powerful horses up close for an unforgettable experience.

Sapporo Grand Hotel

The Sapporo Grand Hotel features a shopping arcade, gym, and spa center. Centrally-located and a short walk to public transportation, explore a variety of shopping and restaurants easily from the hotel. 

JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo

This luxury hotel occupies the upper floors of the JR Tower located at the south entrance of Sapporo Station. Relax in this urban oasis nested high above the Sapporo cityscape and enjoy a fantastic view of the city while dining from the 35th floor. 

New Furano Prince Hotel

The New Furano Prince Hotel is in an excellent location. Direct from your room, you can view the majestic Mount Tokachi (Tokachidake) and the fields of the Furano Basin. Surrounded by nature in the New Furano Prince Hotel, you can enjoy the beauty of different seasons.

Hotel Taisetsu

Relax in the outdoor hot springs surrounded by the mountains of Sounkyo. This hotel offers majestic panoramic view of the mountain range and beautiful gorge.

Choyo Resort Hotel

Situated in the famous Sounkyo Onsen hot-spring area, be sure to try their indoor and outdoor hot spring baths. The hotel offers easy access to the city’s famous attractions; for example, the Sounkyo Ropeway is only a 5-minute walk.  

KitaKobushi Shiretoko hotel & Resort

Enjoy a panoramic view of the Okhotsk coast from the top floor observation deck. This hotel is located near the Utoro port, an area with abundant natural resources. Guests can taste many fresh local specialties. 


Shiretoko Daiichi Hotel

Located at the very top of Utoro’s hotel zone, Daiichi hotel offers sensational views of the Okhotsk Sea from its hot springs, especially during sunset. 

Lake Akan Tsuruga Resort

This stylish Ryokan resort offers world class service, beautiful hot spring baths, and a variety of shops and restaurants. Set on the shores of Lake Akan, it is conveniently located to major attractions.

Tokachikawa Onsen--Daiichi Hotel

This hotel is the only hotel in Japan that offers rare moor hot springs (onsen containing bioorganic algae), which are regarded as an important part of Hokkaido's heritage.

  • Hokkaido Ramen

  • Gyudon (Beef Bowl)

  • Sounkyo Kaiseki Banquet
  • Hokkaido Wagyu + Chicken Barbeque Set
  • Seafood Rice Bowl
  • Grilled Fish Lunch Set
  • Beef Stew Lunch Set
  • Kaiseki Banquet

  • DIY Chirashi Bowl

  • Fresh Crab from Washo Ichiba Market