Super Value Tours - Taiwan East Coast- 6 Days_Taipei, Jiaosi, Taroko, Chihshang

Taiwan East Coast- 6 Days


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Taipei, Jiaosi, Taroko, Chihshang

Departs January- December

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A BETTER WAY TO TOUR: To us, 'value' means making a better way to tour. We love to surprise our guests with unique experiences, top-notch service, hidden local delights, & memories of a lifetime. Our Taiwan tours are designed for the best balance of sightseeing and freedom while avoiding tourist traps.


East Coast:

  • Taipei:
    • Visit the National Palace Museum which houses over 670,000 pieces of Chinese artifacts and relics.
    • Dine in the original location of Taiwan's iconic Din Tai Fung restaurant.
  • Jiufen: Explore nostalgic old streets of seaside Jiufen.
  • Jiaosi: Relax in mineral-rich hot springs.
  • Taroko National Park: Stay inside nature’s masterpiece.
  • Chihshang: Bike or stroll through the picturesque East Rift Valley.
  • Fata'an Wetland: Learn about Amis-Tribe's culture and history through their cuisine in a private dining experience.
  • See the serene Taiwanese countryside on the North Link Railway.


  • Taipei: Okura Prestige Taipei or Palais de Chine – Taipei's most luxurious and centrally located hotels.

  • Jiaosi: Evergreen Resort Hotel or Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi – Magnificent views and unique hot springs.

  • Taroko National Park: Silks Place Taroko – The only 5 star hotel located in Taroko National Park.

  • East Rift Valley: Hotel Royal Chihpen – Luxury hotel surrounded by the East Rift Valley.


  • We take great pride in arranging and sharing great culinary experiences with you. Our development team samples each meal before presenting them to our guests. On this trip, you will have a chance to taste Taiwanese delicacies including Din Tai Fung dumplings, Ami-style tribal cuisine, Beef Noodles, and much more.


  • Charismatic and knowledgeable guide with extensive Super Value training.

  • A comprehensive travel insurance plan. Details

  • High quality headsets to hear our tour guide's presentation clearly.

  • Unlimited bottled water is provided throughout the entire trip.

  • Porterage service included at every hotel.

Tour Map

 Depart North America for Taipei, Taiwan

  • Depart from your home airport, have a great flight!

Arrive in Taoyuan International (TPE) or Taipei Songshan (TSA)   Taipei 

  • "Ni Hao" or "Welcome" to Taiwan! You will be greeted by a Super Value Tours Representative at the airport.
  • Airport pickup is available for flights arriving Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) from 06:00AM-11:00PM or Songshan Airport (TSA) from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Hotel check in is at 3pm. If you arrive early, you may drop off your luggage at the hotel and explore the city independently. The Taiwan Night Markets are a great choice tonight.

HotelPalais de Chine or Okura Prestige


Taipei  (9 miles, 1 hr) National Palace Museum  (35 miles,1 hr) Jiufen   (30 miles,1 hr) Jiaosi Hot Springs (3 meals)

  • National Palace Museum: See the world's largest collection of Chinese artifacts. Our visit is carefully arranged to avoid crowds
  • YongKang Street: Known for its delicious foods and drinks, this is one of the most famous streets in Taipei. Feast on unforgettable dim sum at the original Din Tai Fung restaurant.
  • Jiufen: Take a step back in time and visit this historic mining town:
    • Free time to explore the old streets to find delicious snacks such as sweet taro soup, Hakka dumplings, and "Lu Wei" (marinated combination).
    • Special arrangements at a century-old tea house for tea tasting while overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
  • Jiaosi Hot Springs: Soak in the rejuvenating waters of this natural hot spring, a truly relaxing and rustic experience.

We will be taking a train tomorrow where onboard luggage space is limited. Please pack a day bag with you with essential belongings. Large suitcases will be shipped to the next destination.

National Palace Museum 3-1故宮博物院_20150422200736_20150730115445_20160607145302.jpg Din Tai Fung 3-2鼎泰豐小籠包_20150408001803_20150730115445_20160607145302.jpg Old Streets of Jiufen 3-3九份山城老街_20160531202927_20170126232317.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchYongKang Street Din Tai Fung (Original Restaurant) DinnerLan Yang Style Buffet in Hotel HotelHotel Royal Chiao Hsi or Evergreen Resort Hotel


Jiaosi Hot Springs (5.8 miles, 30 mins) North Link Railway (86 miles, 1hr) Hualien (14 miles, 45 mins) Taroko National Park (3 meals)

  • Free time in the morning to soak in the Hot Springs or participate in the hotel's morning hike. 
  • North Link Railway: Avoid traffic and take a wonderful journey by train along the Pacific Ocean to Hualien, a natural conservatory at the edge of Taroko National Park.
  • Taroko National Park: Literally meaning “magnificent and beautiful" in the Truku aboriginal language, Taroko Gorge is a natural wonder and a landmark of Taiwan.Photo stop at the East-West Highway Arch, the starting point of Taroko National Park.Swallow Grotto Trail: Hike the most beautiful section of the Taroko Gorge, see magnificent canyons, soaring marble formations, and subtropical springs. (Walking time: 1 hour; Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆).
  • Silks Place Taroko: Tonight's hotel is the only 5-star resort inside the National Park. Take in a beautiful view of the stars and gorge while soaking in the rooftop spa or watch an aboriginal performance in the evening (weekends only).

Gorge View rooms not available for Triple room type. We will arrange Garden View rooms in this case.

North Link Railway to Taitung 2-1北迴鐵路_20150730110905_20160607145302.jpg Swallow Grotto Trail 2-3燕子口_20150730110905_20160607145302.jpg Silks Place Taroko DSC_1660_travle2-2927_20150730110905_20160607145302.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchLocal Specialty (Mola Mola--Ocean Sunfish) DinnerBeef Noodle Soup HotelSilks Place Taroko (Gorge View Room)


Tiansiang  (53 miles, 2 hrs) Fata'an Wetlands  (47.5 miles, 1hr 45 mins) Chihshang, Taitung (3 meals)

  • Tiansiang: Free time to see nearby sites: Zhihui Bridge, Pudu Bridge, and Xiangde Temple.
  • Fata’an Wetlands: Learn about the rich heritage of Taiwan's aborigines. An "Ami- style" lunch in a private home will be served. 

We will be taking a train tomorrow where luggage space is extremely limited onboard. Please pack a day bag with you with essential belongings. Large suitcases will be shipped to the next destination. 

Amis Tribe Lunch Sumida-River-Cruise-001_20170628142835.jpg Xiangde Temple 5-2祥德寺_20150408012734_20150730143605_20160607145302.jpg Taroko - Eternal Spring Shrine 5-3太魯閣長春祠_20150712194827_20150730143605_20160607145302.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchAmi-Style Tribal Lunch DinnerLocal Specialty Buffet in Hotel HotelHotel Royal Chihpen or Papago International Resort


Chihshang, Taitung  (111 miles, 3 hrs, 43 mins) North Link Railway  (88 miles, 3 hours 49mins) Taipei Station  Taoyuan International Airport (B,L)

  • Chihshang:
    • East Rift Valley: Bike or stroll through the lush green rice fields of Chihshang. 
    • Learn to make rice pasta by hand, a fun local pastime.
  • North Link Railway: Sit back, relax and enjoy the rustic scenery back to Taipei. Our guide will send you off to the train platform and another guide will meet you back in Taipei Station. 
  • Airport sendoff is available for flights arriving Taoyuan International Airport from 9:00 PM - 11:50 PM
  • "Zai jian!" or "See you again!" Please be sure to book your flight after 9:00pm. 
Biking Through East Rift Valley 6-1池上四輪車遊_20150408014445_20150730152904_20160607145302.jpg Handmade Rice Noodles 6-2體驗手做米苔目_20150712195238_20150730152904_20160607145302.jpg Chihshang 6-2池上風光_20150708174533_20150801103755_20160607145318.jpg

BreakfastHotel Buffet LunchTaiwanese Specialty

Health & Safety 

  • This tour involves standing and walking for up to 1 hour at a time over inclined or uneven streets.
  • Guests in wheelchairs may be accommodated, but please understand some sites are not wheelchair accessible.

Passports & Visas

  • No visa is required for guests traveling to Taiwan with United States or Canada passports. 


  • In the spirit of "Travel Happy" we do not believe in hidden fees - no options are sold on tour.

  Hotel Rooms

  • TRIPLE (3 bed) rooms are limited and not guaranteed in all hotels. Triples are suitable with families with small children who can share a bed with a parent - not recommended for three adults. 

 Dietary Restrictions

  • It's important everyone has a great dining experience while traveling with us! If you have a special meal restriction (i.e. no raw fish, no cheese, etc), please let us know. We will do our best to oblige, but we regret some dietary preferences may not be available due to cultural differences.

Luggage Handling

  • Due to limited luggage space onboard our trains, please prepare a day bag with your essential belongings. Large suitcases will be shipped to our next hotel.
  • Porterage service included in all hotels, train stations, and airports where available. 

Jiufen is a historic mining town. With its antique architecture and narrow alleyways, Jiufen’s nostalgic charm offers the perfect inspiration for artists; in fact, Jiufen served as a model for scenes from the 2001 Academy Award-winning film, Spirited Away.

Jiaosi hot springs

Jiaosi is Taiwan's best location for hot spring resorts. The natural water of the hot springs is clear and enriched with rejuvenating minerals.

Taroko National Park

Taroko National Park is one of eight national parks in Taiwan and home to the landmark Taroko Gorge. Sites of the park include Swallow Grotto and Tiansiang.


One of the most important sites in Taroko, Tiansiang is the starting point of the river valley and offers some of the best overviews of the gorge.

Swallow Grotto

In this section of Taroko valley, countless small holes in the rock walls were created through erosion and became natural habitats for birds. In the past, swallows soared through the air, creating a vision of hundreds of swallows flying in the valley. Thus, the beautiful name “Swallow Grotto” was given.

Fata'an Wetlands

Stroll through the park to enjoy the stunning natural scenery. With mountains and hills in the backdrop and streams of clean water running by your feet, the wetlands are not only picturesque but also home to a diverse range of ecology.

Tainan City

Tainan was one of the first cities in Taiwan. The city was also the first capital, and the center of politics and economy for about 300 years. From this history, an ancient atmosphere has emerged with the most abundant collection of historical buildings & national treasures in all of Taiwan.

National Palace Museum

Considered one of the four great international museums of human culture (alongside the Louvre in Paris, The Met in New York, and The British Museum), the National Palace Museum houses the best artifacts of Chinese civilization. The museum concentrates 8,000 years worth of artifacts. The depth of the collection is so vast, displays are rotated once every three months.

Okura Prestige Taipei

Located in the heart of Taipei city with easy access to transportation, dining and shopping, this 5*-property offers guests the ultimate comfort and conveniences. Guests can also enjoy the gym on the top floor as well as the rooftop open-air heated pool overlooking Taipei 101 building. 

Room  Information:

Room Type: Prestige Room

Size: 43 sqm

Twin Bed: 120 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 200 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (120 x 200cm) will be added to Twin Room. 

Palais de Chine Hotel

Stationed in one of the most convenient spots in Taipei, this hotel has access to TSR, HSR, bus stations, and MRT service. Guests can travel at leisure with easy access to all major transportation in the city. This 5-star hotel also has one of the most fashionable plazas (Q Square), office buildings, Vieshow Cinemas, and other entertainment facilities; all included to allow guests to have a colorful trip from the very beginning!

Room  Information:

Room Type: Deluxe Room (upgraded from Superior Room) 

Size: 37 sqm

Twin Bed: 110 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 150 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (90 x 190cm) will be added to Twin Room. 

Hotel Royal Chiao Hsi

Located in the city of Jiaosi, the Hotel Royal is one of the most luxurious in the area. The exterior features architecture inspired by traditional local artwork, and inside, guests can enjoy modern comforts with spa facilities, hot springs, and a variety of different amenities.

Room  Information:

Room Type: Western Suite 

Size: 40 sqm

Twin Bed: 120 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 200 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Japanese Suite; Tatami style bed

Evergreen Resort Hotel - Jiaosi

Located in Yilan county, this hotel is known for its hot springs and magnificent views. The rooms are designed in a Euro-Asian style. The bath houses offer healthy nano-milk baths and more. The 1.2 acre garden hot spring also provides a unique hot spring banquet experience. Fresh seafood is used in its delicious multi-cultural buffet.

Room  Information:

Room Type: Superior Room

Size: 40.4 sqm

Twin Bed: 120 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 240 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Rollaway Bed (90 x 180cm) will be added to Twin room. 

Silks Place Taroko

Built within the Taroko National Park, Silks Place Taroko is the only 5-star hotel inside a national park in all of Taiwan. We have chosen this hotel for its exclusive location; making the Silks Place Taroko perfect for exploring the Gorge. Silks Place Taroko was awarded TripAdvisor's Travelers' Choice Award for luxury and service in 2015.

Room  Information:

Room Type: Gorge View Room

Size: 40 sqm

Twin Bed: 150 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 180 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room

1. Garden View Room: 150 x 200 (3 beds--only 2 rooms available)

2. Japanese Room: Tatami style bed

3. Gorge View Room: Cannot accommodate extra bed, 3 guests must share 150 x 200 cm x 2 beds. 

Due to limited availability of the triple rooms, we will not be able to guarantee the room type until check in. We apologize for the inconvenience in advance. 

Hotel Royal Chihpen

Recently renovated in 2017, the Hotel Royal Chihpen is one of the best hotels in Taitung. The design of the hotel honors local aboriginal culture and gives guests a chance to try the local hot springs. Hot spring water (bicarbonate) is also available in room, and each room offers beautiful views of the surrounding nature.

Room  Information:

Room Type: Deluxe Family Room

Size: 33 sqm

Twin Bed: 140 x 200 cm (2 beds)

Triple Room: In order to maintain comfort and quality, extra beds are not available in room. Instead, we will use Deluxe Family Suite (41 sqm) 155 x 200 cm * 2 beds, accommodation for 3 guests

  • Din Tai Fung soup dumplings (xiao long bao)

    Our visit to the world famous Din Tai Fung is to the original store, opened in 1958.

  • Golden Fried Shrimp Roll

  • Ami-Style Aboriginal Cuisine

  • Ami-Style Tribal Cuisine

  • Taiwanese Cabbage Soup

  • Chicken Rice Cooked with Sesame Oil and Wine

  • Stir Fry Lotus with Pork

  • Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish)

  • Fried Mola Mola (Ocean Sunfish) Roll

  • Seasonal Vegetables cooked with Shallot Sauce