Super Value Tours - Vietnam - 9 Days_Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Ho Chi Minh, Cu Chi

Vietnam - 9 Days

2019 Jan-May

Land Only from US $2149-$2249


Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Da Nang, Hoi An, Hue, Ho Chi Minh, Cu Chi

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A BETTER WAY TO TOUR: To us, 'value' means making a better way to tour. We love to surprise our guests with unique experiences, top-notch service, hidden local delights, & memories of a lifetime. Our tours are designed to balance sightseeing & free time while avoiding crowds and tourist traps.

Featured Arrangements

  • Northern Vietnam, Hanoi

Tour the Old Quarter; enjoy the famous Water Puppet show. Ha Long Bay: Overnight aboard our Luxury Paradise Cruise with exciting excursions. 

  • Central Vietnam, Hue 

Discover the ancient capital of Vietnam. Da Nang: Enjoy a luxury resort and relax on our private beach. Hoi An: Take a walking tour through this beautifully-preserved UNESCO town. 

  • Southern Vietnam, Cu Chi Military Tunnels

Crawl through underground tunnels built during the Vietnam War. 

Luxury Accommodations:

  • Hanoi: 
    • JW Marriott – Enjoy a lake view room.
    • Lotte Hotel Hanoi – Overlook Hanoi city view 
  • Ha Long Bay: Paradise Cruise – The best cruise line in the bay.
  • Da Nang: Hyatt Regency – Luxury resort with private beach.
  • Hue: La Residence Hotel & Spa – French colonial style luxury.
  • Ho Chi Minh: Saigon Nikko Hotel – Japanese style elegance. 

Culinary Experiences  

Arranging great culinary experiences is a specialty we are very proud of. Our development team samples each meal before presenting them to our guests. On this trip, you will have a chance to taste Vietnamese delicacies, Vietnam-style buffet, Vietnamese French cuisine, Hue delicacies, Hoi An's Three Treasures, outstanding Da Nang seafood, and more. 

Super Value Standard

  • Charismatic and knowledgeable Super Value trained guides.
  • A comprehensive travel insurance plan.
  • Hear our tour guide audibly with high-quality headsets.
  • Porterage service is included at every hotel.
  • Unlimited bottled water is provided throughout the entire trip. 
Tour Map

Depart North America for Vietnam sad

  • JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi Pre-tour hotel extension price:(per room/ per night/ breakfast included) - Please contact Super Value staff for assistance

Arrive in Hanoi, Vietnam 【Lunch, Dinner】

“Xin Chao!” or “welcome” to Vietnam! 

  • Airport pickup is available for flights arriving Noi Bai International Airport (HAN) for the following timeframes:
    •  9:30 AM - 12:00 PM.- Airport pick-up by Super Value representatives. We know traveling is tiring, enjoy a complimentary 45-minute oil massage to refresh your back and neck at the hotel (for guests 16 years or older).
    •  12:01 PM - 05:00 PM.- We will provide airport pick-up service, but we will not be able to provide lunch and massage. No refund will be provided for these activities.
  • Airline options to arrive in Hanoi before noon include: Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong, China Airlines, and Eva Air via Taipei, and Korean Airlines via Seoul. 

LunchPho Noodle set DinnerFrench/Vietnamese Fusion Cuisine HotelJW Marriott Hanoi or Lotte Hotel Hanoi


Hanoi 【3 meals】

Hanoi is graced by many parks and lakes. The Old Quarter features some magnificent French colonial architecture. After a good night’s rest, visit Hanoi’s celebrated sights.  

  • Old Quarter Enjoy nostalgic French architecture and local specialty markets with a walking tour of the 36 Streets.
  • Ho Chi Minh’s Residence Walk through the opulent Presidential Palace to visit Ho Chi Minh’s simple Stilt House and discover why he chose to live modestly. 
  • Ba Dinh Square See the famous square where Ho Chi Minh read Vietnam’s Declaration of Independence in 1945. 
  • Temple of Literature (Van Mieu) Visit a quaint Confucius temple showcasing traditional Vietnamese architecture and honoring literary scholars. The Temple was built in 1070, dedicated to Confucius, sages, and scholars.
  • Water Puppetry Enjoy a traditional Vietnamese performance, considered a national treasure.
Hanoi's Old Quarter hanoi-old.jpg Temple of Literature temple-of-literature-walkway.jpg Water Puppetry ef604bfe559757e00ba69289efd9ff9b.jpg

BreakfastBuffet LunchSofitel Metropole Hotel Buffet DinnerVietnamese Cuisine HotelJW Marriott Hanoi or Lotte Hotel Hanoi


Hanoi smiley (100 miles, 3.5 hrs) Ha Long Bay【3 meals】

Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO world heritage site is one of Vietnam’s natural marvels with thousands of limestone islands rising out of an emerald green sea.  

  • Overnight on the luxurious Paradise Cruise: Savor the evening and early morning views of the magnificent bay.
  • Onboard activities include a welcome cocktail, morning meditation, Tai Chi class, cooking class, kayaking, movie night, and a romantic dinner with red wine.
  • Cave of Surprises Excursion: Hike the magnificent limestone formations of the biggest, most beautiful cave in Halong Bay.


Paradise Cruise ff8080815dcb9077015dce4e0a4e0830.jpg Cooking Class ff80808161f59cd10161f9d4af081596.jpg Cave of Surprises ff8080815dcb9077015dce50689e0831.jpg

BreakfastBuffet LunchVietnamese Buffet DinnerWestern Cuisine with Wine HotelHa Long Bay: Paradise Luxury Cruise ("Elegance" or "Luxury" ships)


Ha Long Bay (100 miles, 3.5 hrs) Hanoi sad Danang【3 meals】

  • Capture early morning vistas of the bay while participating in Tai Chi classes. 
  • Excursion to Titop (Titov) Island: Go swimming, enjoy the beach, or hike to the top for a stunning, panoramic view of the Bay.
Halong Bay Cruise ff808081621ef30b016222338e4109f5.jpg Morning Taichi bhaya-classic-cruises-tai-chi-on-sundeck-2_0.jpg Titop Island ff80808161f59cd10161f9d4af451598.jpg

BreakfastCruise Breakfast LunchVietnamese Light Lunch DinnerVietnamese Seafood HotelHyatt Regency Da Nang Resort & Spa


Da Nang (15 miles, 30 mins) Hoi An (15 miles, 30 mins) Da Nang【3 meals】

Da Nang:

  • Walk along the hotel’s private beach or take advantage of the luxury resort amenities.
  • Museum of Cham Sculpture An archeological delight for any history buff. (Optional)
  • Son Tra Peninsula See the beautiful Goddess of Mercy statue standing 220ft tall and enjoy a bird's eye view of the Da Nang coastline. (Optional)

Hoi An: 

  • A well-preserved town holds a deep sense of history with several centuries old temples, houses, and Japanese Bridge. Enjoy a walking tour through Hoi An’s picturesque Old Town
  • Evening Free Time: Hoi An’s real charm is best seen at night when lanterns dimly light the cobble stone streets. Get hand-tailored clothing and shoes made and delivered to your hotel in as little as 24 hours. 
Museum of Cham Sculpture Museum of Cham Sculpture.jpg Son Tra Peninsula Son Tra Peninsula.jpg Hoi An Old Town Hoi An Old Town.jpg

BreakfastBuffet LunchLight Lunch DinnerHoi An Specialties HotelHyatt Regency Da Nang Resort & Spa


Da Nang (70 miles, 2.5 hrs) Hue【3 meals】

Hue was Vietnam’s capital from 1802-1945, the city is home to the emperors of the Nguyen Dynasty. 

  • Thien Mu Pagoda Home to a number of Buddhist monks, this Pagoda is one of the most famous structures in all Vietnam and a symbol of Buddhism. 
  • The Complex of Hue Monuments Walks inside the moated Citadel, which formally housed the Royal Palace, including the Forbidden Purple City.
  • Tomb of Tu Duc The final resting place for Tu Duc is majestic, set amid lush gardens and pine groves. In contrast, the concrete tomb of Emperor Khai Dinh shows the later decline of the Vietnamese monarchy under French colonialism.
The Complex of Hue Monument The Complex of Hue Monument.jpg Thien Mu Pagoda Thien Mu Pagoda.jpg Tomb of Tu Duc Tomb of Tu Duc.jpg

BreakfastBuffet LunchHue Family Style Specialties DinnerHotel Specialties HotelLa Residence Hotel & Spa


Hue  Ho Chi Minh City【3 meals】

Ho Chi Minh City Tour

  • Enjoy the bustling city’s best-known sites, including Eiffel’s Art Deco Post Office and French Notre Dame CathedralIndependence Palace: Also known as "Reunification Palace", it was the home and workplace of the President of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
Independence Palace Independence Palace.jpg Art Deco Post Office Art Deco Post Office.png Notre Dame Cathedral Notre Dame Cathedral.jpg

BreakfastBuffet LunchVietnamese Light meal DinnerSouthern Vietnamese Cuisine HotelHotel Nikko Saigon


Ho Chi Minh City (30 miles, 1.5 hrs) Cu Chi (30 miles, 1.5 hrs) Ho Chi Minh City【Breakfast, Lunch】

  • Cu Chi Military Tunnels: The tumultuous war history of Vietnam can be seen in this elaborate underground tunnel system, used to counter the American military efforts in the Vietnam War.  
  • "Tam Biet" or "Goodbye!" After lunch, we will arrange airport send-off based on your flight schedule. Airport sendoff is available for flights departing from 3:45 PM - 8:00 PM 
  • Note: Cu Chi Tunnel & lunch is not available for guests with flights departing on/before 3:45 pm; refund will not be provided.
  • Nikko Hotel Post-tour hotel extension price:(per room/ per night/ breakfast included)
    • Jan-March: US$150 (Single room), US$160 (DBL/Twin room), US$205 (Triple room)


Cu Chi Military Tunnels Cu Chi Military Tunnels.jpg Ho Chi Minh City Ho Chi Minh City.jpg Cu Chi Military Tunnels Cu Chi Military Tunnels 2.jpg

BreakfastBuffet LunchVietnamese Local Specialties

Health & Safety 

  • This tour involves standing and walking for up to 1 hour at a time over inclined or uneven streets.
  • Some areas of this tour are not wheelchair accessible.

Passports & Visas

  • Visas are required for all guests traveling to Vietnam (no landing visas) and Cambodia. Please see our Visa Information Center for details.  Visa fees not included in tour fare.


  • Halong Bay Cruise (Please click "book now" to see which ship we are using per tour date)
    • Paradise "Elegance" 
      • Room upgrades: Elegance Balcony Suite +$USD 120; Captain View Terrace Suite +USD $185
    • Paradise "Luxury"  
      • Room upgrades: Balcony +USD $50; Paradise Suite +USD $90 (without Balcony); Terrace Suite +$USD 120
    • IMPORTANT: Triple occupancy is not available aboard the cruise. If you are booking triple rooms throughout the tour, please note a USD $100 single room supplement will apply for the cruise. Upgrades subject to availability.
  • In the spirit of "Travel Happy" we do not believe in hidden fees - no options are sold on tour.

 Dietary Restrictions

  • It's important everyone has a great dining experience while traveling with us! If you have a special meal restriction (i.e. no seafood, lamb, etc), please let us know. We will do our best to oblige, but we regret some dietary preferences may not be available due to cultural differences.
  • In case of domestic flight delays, we may re-adjust our itinerary and meals.

Luggage Handling

  • Domestic flights in Vietnam have a checked luggage limit of 44lbs (20kg) per person.
Ho Chi Minh Stilt House

Ho Chi Minh, the President of North Vietnam, lived in a modest stilt house from 1858 until his death in 1969. Constructed in the corner of the Presidential Palace gardens, the house is surrounded by lush green and faces a carp pond. Modeled after traditional Vietnamese houses, the stilt house only contains two rooms and no bathroom.

Ba Dinh Square

The famous square of Hanoi where Ho Chih Minh declared independence from the South in 1945. Today, Ho Chi Minh’s body is housed in the Mausoleum in the center of the square.

36 Old Streets and Guilds (Old Quarter)

In the 13th century, Hanoi’s 36 guilds established the quarter, each taking a different street. The 36 streets still remain today varying from Incense Street & Fish Street to Silversmith Street & Buddhist Altars and Statues Street.

Hanoi Water Pupetry

Distinctive and unique, the Vietnamese Water Puppetry dates back to the 11th century. It takes place in a waist deep pool of water with puppeteers controlling the puppets from below the water.  How the water puppet show works is a secret guarded for centuries. Puppeteers use their dialect and code words to prevent outsiders from understanding their techniques. The performance usually depicts rural traditions such as rice planting, fishing, and village folklores. It is said this performing art is the best expression of Vietnamese culture.

Ha Long Bay

This magnificent UNESCO world heritage site is one of Vietnam’s natural marvels with thousands of limestone islands rising out of an emerald green sea. Staying overnight on a luxurious Paradise Cruise allows us to savor the evening and early morning views of the magnificent bay. Enjoy various onboard activities and offshore excursions. 

Hoi An Ancient Town

Having the rare distinction of escaping the destruction of Vietnam’s wartime, Hoi An retains a sense of history more than anywhere else in the country. Known for its classic charm, the Old Town of Hoi An has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tomb of Emperor Tu Duc

One of Hue’s most tranquil sights, the tomb and gardens serve as a memorial for Emperor Tu Duc, regarded as the last Emperor of Vietnam.

The Citadel & Imperial City

A UNESCO World Heritage site, this walled fortress served as the Imperial Palace during the peak of the Hue Imperial Era. While often compared to the Forbidden City of Beijing, Hue’s Imperial Ruins have their unique architectural history and are said to be some of the most beautiful structures in Vietnam.

Thien Mu Pagoda

Built in the 1600s, Thien Mu Pagoda is the tallest in Vietnam and is recognized as the unofficial symbol of Hue when it was an Imperial Capital.

Independence Palace

The Independence Palace, also known as "Reunification Palace" is a landmark in Ho Chi Minh City and built on the site of the former "Norodom Palace." It was the site of the end of the Vietnam War during the Fall of Saigon on April 30, 1975, when a North Vietnamese Army tank crashed through its gates.

Saigon Central Post Office

The Saigon Central Post Office is the oldest post office in Vietnam. This fully functioning post office was designed by Gustave Eiffel, the architect who also designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Resembling a European Art Deco train station, the walls of the post office is decorated with historical maps of Vietnam. Don’t forget to send a postcard from the post office when you get there! 

Notre Dame Cathedral

Sitting across the street from the Post Office, the red façade of the Notre Dame Cathedral is another reminder of the era of French domination in Vietnam. Built between 1877-1883, this Roman and Gothic style Cathedral used only materials that were shipped in from France. 

Cu Chi Tunnels

Hidden in the outskirts of Saigon, the vast Cu Chi complex is a 75-mile long maze of narrow underground tunnels which took 20 years to build.  Once used by the Viet Cong as an underground base to evade anti-communist forces and move supplies, the tunnels were only accessible through tiny camouflaged trap doors.  


We include a visit to the tunnels which are now part of the memorial park. If you’re daring, crawl in to experience the tunnels up close!

JW Marriott Hanoi

Opened in October 2013, the JW Marriott is the newest 5-star international luxury hotel. Located in the new central business district and adjacent to a lake and the National Convention Center of West Hanoi, the JW Marriott is the definition of contemporary luxury and understated elegance.  The stunning architecture style, large room layouts, top notch service, and modern amenities are all qualities that will impress any guest. Super Value Tour guests will enjoy the serene lake view right from their rooms equipped with full-length windows, free Wi-Fi, and all of the best amenities. 

Room  Information:

Room Type: Deluxe Lake Room

Size: 48 sqm

Twin Bed: 140 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 180 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (115 x 200cm) will be added to Twin Room. 

Lotte Hotel Hanoi

Conveniently located between Hanoi’s Old quarter and the New Business District, Lotte Hotel Hanoi connects the rich cultural history of the past and combines the promising future of Hanoi. Situated in the upper part of the magnificent 65-floor Lotte Center, Lotte Hotel Hanoi proudly represents a new standard of international 5-star hotels.

Room  Information:

Room Type: Deluxe Room

Size: 42 sqm

Twin Bed: 120 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 180 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (100 x 200cm) will be added to Twin Room. 

Paradise Elegance Cruise/ Paradise Luxury Cruise

Our special arrangements include an overnight cruise with Paradise Cruises, the most luxurious fleet on the bay. Enjoy sumptuous meals, stunning views of Halong Bay, and exciting activities such as cave hikes, kayaking, & swimming. Onboard amenities such as welcome cocktails, Tai Chi and cooking classes included.

Room  Information:

Paradise Elegance Cruise

Twin Bed: 97 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 195 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: In order to maintain comfort and quality, extra beds are not available in room. The third person should book an extra single room.

Paradise Luxury Cruise

Twin Bed: 90 x 195 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 180 x 195 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: In order to maintain comfort and quality, extra beds are not available in room. The third person should book an extra single room. 

Hyatt Regency DaNang Resort & Spa

The stunning oceanfront view of majestic marble mountains against the East Vietnam Sea makes our stay here a truly unforgettable experience. Relax poolside with a refreshing Vietnamese coffee or enjoy a peaceful walk on the private beach; one of the most beautiful and pristine beaches you'll have a chance to see!

Room  Information:

Room Type: Ocean View Room

Size: 42 sqm

Twin Bed: 120 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 180 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: In order to maintain comfort and quality, extra beds are not available in room. Instead, we will use One Bedroom Residence (65 sqm) plus 1 rollaway bed (90 x 180 cm), accommodation for 3 guests.  ** 1DBL bed+ 1 extra bed

La Residence Hotel & Spa

Built during the heyday of the Art Deco era, this classic colonial style villa overlooks Hue's Perfume River and Citadel. Restored in 2005, every aspect of this hotel is carefully designed and furnished to reflect the glory of that era. This luxury hotel is centrally located and offers a range of amenities including complimentary Wi-Fi and an award winning Spa. Also, enjoy gourmet dining at the hotel's restaurant featuring first class French-Vietnamese fusion cuisine.

Room  Information:

Room Type: Superior Room

Size: 26 sqm

Twin Bed: 100 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 180 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: In order to maintain comfort and quality, extra beds are not available in room. Instead, we will use Deluxe room (30 sqm) plus 1 rollaway bed (90 x 190 cm), accommodation for 3 guests.

Hotel Nikko Saigon

This 5-star property combines Japanese style of minimalistic and modern elegance with the convenience of its central location. Situated beside Now Zone Shopping Mall, it is walking distance to one of the best fashion hubs in Ho Chi Minh City. A TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice 2013 winner, the superior service, and quality of Hotel Nikko Saigon is the perfect introduction for our guests to experience the friendly local hospitality. Rest comfortably in the spacious guestrooms for a cozy and relaxing stay. 

Room  Information:

Room Type: Deluxe room

Size: 40 sqm

Twin Bed: 120 x 200 cm (2 beds)

DBL Bed: 200 x 200 cm (1 bed)

Triple Room: Rollaway bed (100x 190cm) will be added to Twin Room.

  • Southern Vietnamese Traditional Peppered Shrimp Salad

  • Fried Spring Rolls

  • Bánh Xèo (Vietnamese Savory Crepes)

  • Fresh Da Nang Seafood

  • Hoi An's Three Treasures: Cao Lau (Dry Noodles)

  • Hue Style Bánh Bèo (Rice Cake)

Henry L. - Pleasant Hill, CA( Dec 6, 2017 )

Excellent, excellent experience on the Super Value Tour to Vietnam/Cambodia. Thy, the Vietnamese tour guide is experienced, professional, and provides valuable insight and local flavor. The accommodations are five star (The Chinese Premier stayed at our Hanoi Hotel) and meals (big variety available) are all included and are outstanding examples of local cuisine. I definitely would book again with Super Value Tours. Great value, complete, comprehensive tour.

Randall L. - Pleasant Hill, CA( Nov 12, 2017 )

Greetings from Hanoi! Just a quick note to let you know that our tour guide Thi has been wonderful and outstanding just in the short time we have been with her ... and she ALWAYS has a smile on her face !!! We are lucky to have her ... thank you so much for choosing her to lead our group!